5 Reasons Why India Does Not Play The FIFA world cup

At this time the craze of the FIFA world cup is spread all over the world, in every place people are talking about the FIFA world cup 2022.

Let us tell you that the FIFA World Cup started on 15 November 2022, and exciting matches are being seen every day.

A total of 32 teams are participating in the FIFA World Cup 2022, but India is not included in it.

In this post, I will tell you why India is not playing in the FIFA World Cup.

The first reason is that India is not able to qualify for the FIFA World Cup.

There is no long-term plan from the government to increase the football culture in India.

India's team needs better practice and good tournaments, along with it is also necessary to have a good world class coach.

India's football team does not play many international matches, that is why India's team needs to play more and more international matches.

There is a need for coordination between the All India Football Federation and the government