BJP Government Again In Gujarat According To Exit Polls

Gujarat Assembly Election Voting is over.

People are now eagerly waiting for the result of the election.

Let me tell you that the election results will come on December 8, but the result of the exit poll is already out.

According to Times Now Navbharat ETG exit poll, BJP seems to be returning to power. In this election, BJP can get 135 to 145 seats.

At the same time, Congress is suffering huge losses. Its seats have come down to 24-34.

Talking about Aam Aadmi Party, Arvind Kejriwal's party can get 6 to 16 seats.

According to almost all the big news agencies of the country like ABP-C Voter, India Today Groups-Axis My India, etc., BJP will again form the government in Gujarat.

Now it will be known only on December 8 which party is winning how many seats.