Interesting Facts About National Voters Day 2023

National Voters Day is celebrated every year on 25 January.


The Election Commission of India was formed on 25 January 1950. For this reason, National Voter's Day is celebrated on 25th January.


The job of the Election Commission of India is to conduct democratic elections in India in a fair manner.

Election Commission of India

The day started with the 61st Foundation Day of the Election Commission of India i.e. year 2011.

Started date

In the year 2011, former President Pratibha Patil announced to celebrate of this day as National Voters Day.

In 2011

On this day all the citizens of India are reminded of their duties.


Along with taking oath on this day, people are also made aware of voting.


Many programs are also celebrated on this day along with the details of competitions, speeches, and voter ID card.


On this day, the citizens who have been eligible to vote are identified at the polling stations and they go on voter ID cards.

voter ID cards