IPS Officer Salary: Know how much is the salary of an IPS officer?

IPS is the dream job of crores of youth.

Every year lakhs of students give the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exam in the country, but only a few thousand students get success.

Often people want to know how much is the salary of an IPS officer and what other facilities they get. We have given all the information further in this post.

The basic salary of any IPS officer is 56 thousand 100 rupees.

When an IPS officer becomes a DGP, his salary becomes 2 lakh 25 thousand rupees.

IPS officers also get other special facilities. First of all, any IPS gets a house to live in. The size of the house is determined on the basis of their position.

IPS officers are also given a luxurious car.

IPS officers are also given special staff. The staff includes a security guard, house help and driver.

Medical facilities are also provided to IPS officers.

IPS officers are also given the cost of phone and electricity bills by the government.

Know here in detail about the salary and allowances of an IPS officer.