Love Story Of  Mahalakshmi & Ravindra Chandrashekhar

The love story of Ravindra Chandrashekhar and Mahalakshmi is in headlines these days.

Mahalakshmi's marriage took everyone by surprise.

Many people on social media gave the tag of mismatch to this pair.

Mahalaxmi remains quite active on social media.

Mahalakshmi looted her love for her husband Ravindra through her latest post on Instagram.

Mahalakshmi says that no matter what people say, but her life has become happy after marriage.

After divorcing her first husband, Mahalakshmi married Ravindra.

Mahalaxmi and Ravindra met during the shooting of "vidiyum varai kaathiru".

Both fell in love and both got married on 1 September 2022.