Meet Kartik Aaryan's sister Kritika Tiwari

The way Karthik Aryan is famous all over the world because of his stylish look, and his sister is also very beautiful like him.


Kritika Tiwari is younger sister of Famous actor Kartik Aaryan.


Often the photo of both of them goes viral on social media.


Kritika Tiwari is not very active on social media, but Karthik shares her pictures on his Instagram.

Social media

Recently, Karthik shared a photo with his sister in which he was shown touching her sister's feet.

Touching Feet

Kartik Aaryan Sister Kritika Tiwari has completed her graduation and got her MBBS Degree from Bhopal City in Madhya Pradesh, India.


Kritika Tiwari Kartik Sister age is not known, but her birthday is on the 1st of April, which is also April fool’s day. 


Kritika's father's name is Manish Tiwari and mother's name is Mala Tiwari.