Most Visited Place in Northeast India.

One of the most visited places in Northeast India is the state of Meghalaya, known as the "abode of clouds." Meghalaya attracts tourists with its stunning natural beauty, breathtaking landscapes, and unique cultural experiences. Here are some popular destinations within Meghalaya:

1. Shillong: The capital city of Meghalaya is a vibrant hill station often referred to as the "Scotland of the East." It is known for its picturesque landscapes, colonial architecture, and pleasant climate. Visitors can explore attractions like Ward's Lake, Elephant Falls, Shillong Peak, and the Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures.

2. Cherrapunji (Sohra): Located in the East Khasi Hills district, Cherrapunji holds the record for being one of the wettest places on Earth. It is famous for its abundant rainfall, lush greenery, and stunning waterfalls such as Nohkalikai Falls and Seven Sisters Falls. The living root bridges in this region, created by the indigenous Khasi tribe, are also major attractions.

3. Mawlynnong: Often referred to as the "cleanest village in Asia," Mawlynnong is a charming village known for its cleanliness and eco-friendly practices. It offers visitors a glimpse into the unique culture and lifestyle of the local Khasi community. The living root bridge in nearby Riwai is another must-visit attraction.

4. Dawki: Situated on the India-Bangladesh border, Dawki is known for its crystal-clear Umngot River. Visitors can enjoy boating in the transparent waters, surrounded by breathtaking views of the surrounding hills. Dawki is also a popular entry point for exploring the neighboring country of Bangladesh.

5. Kaziranga National Park: Although not in Meghalaya, Kaziranga National Park in neighboring Assam is a renowned wildlife destination and deserves mention. It is famous for its population of one-horned rhinoceroses and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Visitors can take jeep safaris to spot various wildlife species, including tigers, elephants, and deer.

These are just a few of the many beautiful places to visit in Northeast India. The region is blessed with abundant natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, making it a unique and captivating destination for travelers.