Per Day Income Of Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya is one of the most famous cricketers in India at present.

Famous cricketer

Hardik Pandya always remains in the headlines because of his style look and luxurious lifestyle.


Let's know how much money Hardik Pandya earns in a day.


According to the report, Hardik Pandya earns around 5 lakh rupees in a day.

Per Day Income

Hardik Pandya's earnings are mainly through IPL salary, bcci salary, match fees and brand deals.

Income Source

Hardik Pandya gets Rs 15 crores for playing in IPL.

IPL salary

Hardik Pandya comes in the list of C-category players of BCCI, Hardik gets Rs 1 crore from BCCI every year.

BCCI salary

If the salaries of IPL and BCCI are added, then Hardik earns 16 crores every year.

Yearly Income

Hardik Pandya's total assets are $ 10 million dollars, which is approximately 80 crores in Indian rupees.

Net Worth