Per Day Income Of Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma is currently the ODI captain of India and has scored a total of 41 centuries.

ODI captain

Rohit Sharma has scored 29 centuries in ODI, 9 in test and 4 in t20.

ODI captain

Because of his performance, Rohit Sharma comes in the list of rich cricketers in today's time.

Rich cricketer

Let's know how much money Rohit Sharma earns in a day.


According to the report, Rohit Sharma earns around 6.50 lakh rupees in a day.

Daily Income

Rohit Sharma gets 16 crores in IPL and 7 crores annually from BCCI, apart from this match fees are also given.


Rohit Sharma is the brand ambassador of many companies and he charges 1-2 crores to join any company.

Brand endorsement

Rohit Sharma's net worth is around $26 million dollars, which is around 214 crores in Indian Rupees.

Net Worth