Rahul Dravid Vs Sachin Tendulkar: Who Hits More Sixes?

Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid are one of the greatest batsmen in the world.

Both have created many world records and together they have also won matches for India.

Let's know which of the two has hit more sixes.

Rahul Dravid has hit 21 sixes in 286 innings in Test matches.

Dravid's test sixes

Rahul Dravid has hit 42 sixes in 318 innings in ODIs.


Rahul Dravid has hit 3 sixes in T20 and 28 sixes in IPL.

In T20i & IPL

Sachin Tendulkar has hit 69 sixes in 329 innings in Test matches.

Sachin's test sixes

Sachin Tendulkar has hit 195 sixes in 452 innings in ODIs.


Sachin Tendulkar has hit 29 sixes in IPL while not a single six in T20.

In T20i & IPL

Sachin Tendulkar has hit 293 sixes including IPL and Rahul Dravid has hit 94 sixes including IPL.