Rishabh pant vs Sanju Samson: Who Hit More Sixes

Currently, Rishabh Pant and Sanju Samson are being discussed a lot.

Actually, Rishabh Pant is getting many chances, but he is performing poorly, that's why Sanju's fans want Sanju Samson to be replaced by Rishabh.

In this post, we will know which of the two players has hit the most sixes.

Rishabh Pant has hit 48 sixes in 53 innings of the Test match.

Rishabh's Test sixes

Rishabh Pant has hit 26 sixes in 26 innings of ODIs.


Rishabh Pant has hit 37 sixes in 56 innings in T20 and 129 sixes in 97 innings in IPL.

T20 & IPL

Sanju Samson has hit 15 sixes in 10 innings of ODIs.

Sanju's ODI sixes

Sanju Samson has hit 13 sixes in 15 innings in T20s.

In T20I

Sanju Samson has hit 158 ​​sixes in 134 innings so far in IPL.


Rishabh Pant has hit 240 sixes in all formats and Sanju has hit a total of 186 sixes.

Both Total Sixes