Shreyas Iyer's Family With Photo

Shreyas Iyer is one of the best batsmen in India.

Shreyas Iyer remains in the limelight due to his performance.

Shreyas Iyer is currently playing  Test match against Bangladesh and has already scored a brilliant half-century in Test match.

beyond sports People also want to know about Shreyas Iyer's family, so let's know

Shreyas Iyer's father's name is Santosh Iyer, he is an entrepreneur.


Shreyas Iyer's mother's name is Rohini Iyer, she is a homemaker.


Shreyas Iyer has only one sister, whose name is Shresta Iyer.


Shrestha Iyer is very active in social media, she is a dancer by profession.

Shreyas Iyer is currently unmarried and has no girlfriend.