Surya Kumar Yadav & Devisha Shetty Love Story

Suryakumar Yadav performed brilliantly in the T20 World Cup 2022, and due to this Suryakumar is being discussed all over the world.

Suryakumar has batted brilliantly this year, as a result of which he has now become the number-one batsman in the world.

Photos of Suryakumar and his wife Devisha Shetty are becoming viral on social media at this time.

Now people want to know about Surya's love story apart from his game.

Suryakumar and Devisha studied in the same college and both met there.

Suriya and Devisha first became friends and then the friendship turned into love.

Surya and Devisha got married in 2016 after being in a relationship for some time.

Devisha often shares pictures with Suryakumar on Instagram, in which their love is reflected.

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