The true love story of Arijit Singh and Koel Roy

The love story of Arijit Singh and Koel Roy is very interesting.

Arijit Singh was first married to Ruprekha Ruprekha Banerjee.

Ruprekha and Arjit's marriage could not last long, both of them got divorced in 2013.

After divorcing his first wife, Arijit Singh married his current wife Koel Roy on 20 January 2014 with Bengali customs.

Let me tell you that Koyal Roy is divorced from her first husband, Koyal is not Arjit's first husband.

Koel Roy was Arjit's childhood friend.

Koyal Roy and Arijit loved each other since childhood but no one had expressed it.

After Arjit got divorced from his first wife, both of them decided to get married and got married secretly in 2014.

Arijit Singh and his wife Koel Roy are parents to three beautiful children. Arjit and Koyal have two sons, while Koyal has a daughter from her first marriage.