Top 10 Waterfalls In Jharkhand

1. Hundru Falls: Located in Ranchi, Hundru Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in Jharkhand, cascading down from a height of 98 meters.

2. Dassam Falls: Also known as Dassam Gagh, it is a natural cascade waterfall located in the Taimara village of Ranchi district.

3. Jonha Falls: Also known as Gautamdhara Falls, Jonha Falls is a popular waterfall in Ranchi, cascading from a height of 43 meters.

4. Hirni Falls: Hirni Falls is located in the Khunti district of Jharkhand and is surrounded by dense forests and hills.

5. Panchghagh Falls: Located near Khunti in Jharkhand, Panchghagh Falls is a beautiful waterfall that falls from a height of about 60 feet.

6. Sita Falls: Sita Falls is located in Netarhat in Latehar district of Jharkhand, and is surrounded by lush green forests.

7. Khandoli Park Falls: Located in Giridih, Khandoli Park Falls is a beautiful waterfall that cascades down from a height of 40 meters.

8. Lodh Falls: Lodh Falls is located in Latehar district and is the highest waterfall in Jharkhand, falling from a height of 143 meters.

9. Dugdha Waterfall: Dugdha Waterfall is located in Bokaro district and is a popular picnic spot for locals and tourists alike.

10. Sadni Falls: Sadni Falls is located in Gumla district and is surrounded by beautiful hills and forests. It is a popular tourist spot in Jharkhand.