Virat Kohli VS Rohit Sharma: Who Has Scored More Centuries

Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma are the legendary batsmen of India.

Legendary batsman

Both have many records in their name and both have won many matches for India.


Let us know who has scored the most centuries among the two.


Virat Kohli has scored 27 centuries in 173 innings in Tests.

Virat Test Century

Virat Kohli has scored 43 centuries in 254 innings in ODIs.


Virat Kohli has scored 5 centuries in IPL and one century in the T20.

T20 & IPL

Rohit Sharma has scored 8 centuries in 77 Test innings.

Rohit's century

Rohit Sharma has scored 29 centuries in 227 innings in ODIs.


Rohit Sharma has so far scored 4 centuries in T20 and one century in IPL.

IPL & T20

Virat has scored a total of 76 centuries including IPL and Rohit has scored a total of 42 centuries.