What work does Ira Khan's future husband do?

Ira Khan and Nupur Shikhare are currently very popular on social media.

Actually, the matter is that Ira Khan and Nupur Shikhare have got engaged recently.

After getting engaged, Ira Khan's fans want to know about her future husband.

Who Is Nupur Shikhare

So let's know what Nupur does and how both of them met.

What Does Nupur Do

Nupur Shikhare is a fitness trainer by profession, he has trained many actors including Aamir Khan.


According to the report, Ira Khan and Nupur met when Ira came to Amir Khan's house in lockdown, then they met each other there.

How did the meet

After meeting, Ira Khan started taking training from Nupur, then both of them fell in love.

The love has increased to such an extent that both have got engaged recently.

Now the fans are eagerly waiting for their wedding, according to some media reports, the wedding is going to happen in January 2023.