You will be surprised to know the daily earning of Salman Khan

Bollywood's 'Dabangg' hero Salman Khan is celebrating his birthday on 27th December. Salman has turned 57 years old.

One of the biggest superstars of India, Salman Khan is the owner of property worth thousands of crores.

Let's know, how much Salman Khan earns in a day.

According to an estimate, Bollywood's Dabangg Salman Khan (Salman Khan Earning) earns around Rs 1.01 crore every day. 

Daily income

Salman Khan's earnings are mainly from movie fees, brand deals, and his own business.

Income Source

According to reports, Salman Khan charges a fee of Rs 75 to 80 crores for a film. Apart from this, they also share profits.

Movie Fees

Salman also takes a hefty amount for hosting the Bigg Boss show. According to reports, Salman has taken a fee of Rs 1000 crores for hosting Bigg Boss season 16.

Big Boss

Salman Khan charges 4-10 crores for promoting any company's product.

Brand endorsement

The net worth of Salman Khan is Rs 2900 crores.

Net Worth